Friday, July 23, 2010

Beef and Noodles

This is my all time favorite meal to cook. It is so easy and makes ALOT!

1 Beef Chuck Tender Roast
1 or 2 pkgs of Lipton Recipie Secrets Onion Mushroom Soup Mix
2 containers(32oz) Beef Broth (this amount doesn't come in cans)
2 pkgs Beef gravy mix
2 pkgs (16 oz) Homestyle Egg Noodles

An added family favorite is making potatoes fresh or boxed and dumping the beef and noodles over it. Salt and pepper to taste of course.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's Your Purpose?

This happened quite awhile back ago, but I feel like it is time to share. I am sure there will be those who question my intentions of sharing this...but when you feel led to share sometimes have to set aside the fear of what others will think and do what God tells you. This honestly was something amazing from a personal stand point....and I always hope that just maybe there will be someone out there God wants to hear this. it goes :o)

January 27th 2010....

I had this dream that I woke up lying in a hospital bed. I looked at my wrists and I had on hospital bracelets. Rusty was lying next to me with his arm around me. I asked him, "Why am I here?" He gave me this unsettling look that made me panick, but would not answer and looked away. He would not speak. I kept asking over and over, "Why am I here?" "Did I have a baby or something?" He would only look away with this sad face. I had that horrible feeling in my stomach something was wrong but NOBODY would answer me. My mother in law came into the room with Ruthi, my youngest daughter. I ran to her asking her, "Do you know why I am here?" She replied the exact same way Rusty did. Nothing! I was beginning to become furious by now along with panicked. Nobody would tell me why I was there. Rusty and Atha took Roo and our belongings down to the car for load up. I was up at the front desk going to check out of the hospital. I asked the lady up front if she could PLEASE tell me why I was there. She kindly said "yes" and started clicking away at her computer. And then that is when I woke up!

This was one of those dreams that bugged me the entire day...trying to figure out the answer to. I wouldn't say it depressed me....but I had a very unsettling feeling that just wouldn't go away. Even though I considered it one of those crazy "mind games" your brain takes you through in your sleep....I mean, the night before this dream, I was on some farm giving CPR to a drowning possum. Ha! My mind is known for going crazy places.

A couple days later I went to worship team practice and shared with my sister in law about this hospital dream. Expecting a few laughs and "your weird" comments...she really responded in a way that I least expected. Her response went along the lines of "I really think those type of dreams mean something." I chuckled thinking what could it possibly mean? She said "Maybe in this dream it is like you are searching for your purpose. Searching frantically and asking everyone "why am I here" but the answer isn't there...when you really should be asking the only "Person" Who can answer." When she said all this, I honestly felt like crying. I know this might sound cliche` but I got this weird tingly feeling from head to toe. I instantly remembered a recent prayer I had prayed the night before. Asking God to show me my purpose. Asking Him "Why am I here". I was a tad bit discouraged that day, but I really was longing to feel needed and useful. I don't think Kristian had any intention of making her comment a "spiritual" comment or interpretation of my dream. But I do not doubt God used her to show me that He does have me here for a reason and that He is speaking to me daily...even in my dreams. If I learned anything from this particular dream, it is that I need to quit trying to find my purpose through others. People, including my children, cannot give me the answers or purpose I need. It's my Heavenly Father.

On an ending note, I did ask my sister in law, "Well, what do you make out of my reviving a dead possum dream the night before?" She laughed and said "I don't know about that one." Little did I know, there was signifigant meaning to this dream as well. But I will write about this one in a seperate entry later.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lego Girl

Ruthi, my youngest loves legos. She could sit and play for hours. I can't believe in 3 weeks she will be turning 3 years old. I just cannot believe this. Seems like yesterday she was in my belly giving me heartburn and giving my ribs a swiff quick to the left ;o)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Italian Artichoke Scoops

4 Cups Mozzerella or Monterey Jack Cheese
(I use Mozzerella)
2 cans of Rolands Artichoke diced
Black Olives
Green Onion
2-3 Diced/chopped Tomatoes or buy canned :o)
1 pkg of Good Italian Seasoning Dressing
(Make according to Pkg. Requires Water,Vingear and Olive Oil)
And of course Tostitos Scoopable Chips.

Again I eyeball EVERYTHING. I put as much of whatever I want. This is probably my most favorite dip ever! It's got a very unique flavor but extremely tasty! After one scoop I promise you will be addicted!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Texas Caviar

1 can of homney
2 can of black eyed peas
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans
1 garlic clove
1 red pepper
1 red onion
1 Jalepenoes
1 bottle of Italian Dressing (or desired amount)

I kinda eyeball everything when making this. If I want it more spicy I add more jalepenoes. If I want it more garlicky, then I add more garlic....Honestly you can do whatever you want. I personally love cilantro and add quite a bit. I got this recepie from my step sister. Quite delish if you ask me. A very fresh tasting salsa. If you are a slow chopper like me, then slicing up all the veggies is a little time consuming...but well worth it. A guarenteed hit at your next party.