Friday, May 11, 2012

Washing The Feet Of Judas~

There have been times that I have questioned if God could really give me a gift for photography to use for His purpose....What could taking pictures of people & things possibly have to do with "His purpose"....But when I find myself looking through my camera lense.... I see things through a whole different perspective. And sometimes.... it reminds me, if I just stopped looking at things through my perspective I might just see the world through His eyes and learn to be more like Him. I am absolutely obsessed with my kid's hands and feet. From the time they were born I loved to kiss them and yes photograph them. No matter how dirty, sweaty, or smelly they get.....they are absolutely beautiful to me! I was taking pictures of my kids the other day and there feet were all lined up and without even thinking I started photographing them. When I was flipping back through all the pictures I had taken I came across the feet pictures....and almost like Jesus in the movie "Passion of the Christ" I had this vision of Jesus washing the feet of all His disciples. Granted...they are not baby feet....and back then those feet were not pretty and protected by the shoes we now have today. So many of us have heard this story....and know that it teaches us humility and love for people. BUT....what most people forget is that JUDAS the man that betrayed Jesus was amoung those disciples.....Jesus without hesitation removed his garmets and washed the feet of the very man that would betray Him....and He did so with the same passion and love he had for the other disciples. This convicts me straight to the core of my soul. It has weighed so heavy on my spirit and I just cannot get it out of my mind. Can I do that? I feel like I can't. I can feel the Holy Spirit telling me to forgive and wash the feet of those who gossip and slander me~ BUT my flesh ~ sometimes it seems to take over. I want the heart of Jesus.... how can I beat my flesh into submission and keep myself from throwing stones in my massive defense mode. I am hurting and I am ready to throw people out of my life and move on.....but this scripture will not leave my spirit. :o(