Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loving My Plants and Garden

The infamous "Wandering Jew"

Oh I love this plant. It is so easy to care for and grows uncontrolably which makes me look like I have a "green thumb". I started out with just a few clippings from My husbands cousin in law ;o) And I put them in dirt this spring and I cannot hardly keep up with them. I think they are so pretty and will really be AMAZING next year because I can put them in a hanging basket and let them grow long. As for now I keep them clipped for a fuller look. I really recommend this plant for beginners like me. If anyone wants a start of these please let me know and I will graciously give you a start. You'll love it! Clippings can be put in water to start new plants. Indirect sunlight works best for these plants....atleast from what I have noticed. No sunlight makes the leaves lose their color.

Then there is the famous philodendron plant. Another "easy" plant that can grow beautifully. And you can cut clippings in water to grow more. Which after awhile you have to just start throwing them away because it is more than you can handle. Indirect sunlight works well for these plants.

This is my good friend Lisa's plant that I rescued. When we first started hanging out a couple years ago she came over to my house and seen my plant....and then showed me hers. Later she brought it over to my house and asked me to save it. It was sadly bearing a leaf or two. Now look at it :o) It anxiously awaits her new home :o)

I am very new to the purple heart and honestly do not know anything about them. If you do please let me know. I don't know if new clippings can start new growth or not. This is a very unique plant and I look forward to seeing what all it does.

My very first plant was the spider plant. My sister in law Kristian gave me her clippings from her "mother plant" lol and I started one and then got a different type and started another "breed" I guess you can say. I have solid green and then the green yellow and white striped. Spider plant is very easy to grow indoors in medium to bright light throughout the year. It does well with average humidity and cool to average temperature, although it can tolerate warmer conditions. Use a general-purpose potting soil or soilless medium. Plants grow and produce plantlets best when slightly pot-bound. But because they grow quickly and the roots can easily become too crowded, they need frequent repotting to do their best. I have enough clippings to start a green house from this one plant. I started cutting them and throwing them away because I just cannot keep up. If anyone wants a start on these let me know....Again I have plenty and graciously will give them to you no questions asked. I had no idea the spider plant can remove 96% of carbon monoxide under laboratory conditions. Imagine what it can do for your home.

I also love to grow fresh herbs. Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, ....Lavender....etc....However, it is hard sometimes because if you miss one day of watering they will wilt in no time and die. But it is fun and smells so good. I love to rub my fingers on the plant and then smell.....Oh man....the lavender and mint are my favorites.

Well, I guess I have talked enough about indoor plants. I talked last time about my tomatoes and jalepenos....and all the outdoor plants I started. SO I will just post pictures of them.

Another Picture of my Dahilas

Red Dahlia

My Yellow Gladiola

My purple galdiola

Grandma Allen's Castra Beans :o) She gave me a start last year and now they are BOOMING. These are posionous if eaten....so don't eatem. ;o)

Orange Gladiola

My Elephant Ears! Now these are cool. Next year I need to do a better job placing them.

I didn't get any pictures of the potato vine....but I just read it really isn't potato vine....so I am confused as to what it is. They said it is in the morning glory family...But it looks like potato vine....purple leaves and then there are green leaves....hmmmmm

I am always up for advice on planting. I really don't know much with the outdoor stuff. Indoor I am getting better at. Anyhow....Again let me know if anyone needs some starters.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My First Garden

I only planted Jalapenos and Tomatoes. Not exactly a big garden. But I am not very good at this stuff, so I take it one small step at a time. I planted Strawberries and never even seen them surface. I planted flowers as well...Dahilas and Gladiolas....and of course my castra beans. I did plant elephant ears and they are not looking too whoopy. I should have maybe planted them deeper. Anyhow....I am a youngin and I guess I learn each year what to do different. Oh yea....I almost forgot....I planted Caladiums too.

My First Dahila

My second one in bloom

I can see how people lose themselves in God's nature.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The New Grin

Another fun and exciting day. We lost our 5th tooth and nearly losing the 6th. She already sounds so funny ;o) But sis was persistant in letting everyone see her new grin. She spent the night at a friends house last night last minute. So we explained to Chloe that mommy would put the tooth under the pillow for her and the tooth fairy would still come. She was thrilled ;o)Tooth fairy is going broke with all these teeth falling out at once. Just wait....Noah's will be starting up here this next year.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Down!!!

I think every kid has a childhood memory of sliding down the stairs ;o) Atleast I do and I remember my dad telling me some pretty scary "yet" amazing stories ;o) Well, It was NOT my idea to teach my kids this tradition and I did not start it! LOL! Rusty will have to take the blame on this one....but I am guilty with taking part in it and I will admit that it was fun! Hopefully we didn't start anything that will cost us an ER visit down the road....BUT man we had fun tonight! Being a mom is so much fun....I love being able to make memories that my kids can pass on to their kids! Who needs World's of Fun?

Oh I wish you could hear the giggles! Aghhh it was so funny!

If we were not careful Roo would fly thru the wall if we let her go full speed. Tiny little speed demon!

She has to be doing what all the big kids are doing!

The look on their faces are priceless!

And Yes! There was no way we were not going to join in on the fun! Dislocated knees, broken elbows, and twisted hips....don't faze us.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uncle Sharky and Uncle Barracuda

We spent the day and night at Nana and Pa Pa Nelson's house. I didn't have any problem convincing them to pack their bags and swimming suits that's for sure.

The kid's have improved so much since last year with their swimming skills. All their practice with their best bud Ethan has given them enough practice to impress their Nana, Pa Pa, and Uncles ;o)

We had a slight problem with Ruthi wanting to wear a swimmer or swim suit. And yes....she gave Uncle Sharky (Aaron) a sweet "Baby Ruth" right in the face! Mmm Hmmm YUCK!

Ruthi is absoulutely not shy whatsoever with water. Infact gets so fustrated when you hold her and don't let her go her way. The arm floaties come in so handy because she feels somewhat free to do what Chloe and Noah are doing.

Usually she doesn't say one. two, three....it is.....Nine, Nine, Nine!!!

It took her awhile to get to jumping on her own....but once she started...there was NO stopping her!

Chloe loves to swim at night. I must say I didn't get in...but it is a very relaxing atmosphere.
We had fun mom. Thanks for opening your home and sharing your pool.