Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear Satan

Dear Satan,
I'm writing to inform you that I decline your invitation

I'm declining your invitation to self pity and shame
Anger, resentment, unforgiveness and blame

No more excuses for believing your lies
My personal feelings and emotions I deny

No longer in surrender to the past you've chained me to
You are not in control
"Jesus I surrender to You"

You knew how to make me feel insecure
And all that guilt you made me endure

You have lost this battle
God has crushed you down
The true owner of my heart has been found

Taking captive every anxious thought you impress
My love for Jesus from now on I confess

As of now, my spiritual armor is on
Covered in Jesus blood
My guilt from sin is gone

I am no longer your victim but the daughter of a King
To Him alone my heart praises and sings

So Satan I have written this to inform you I have declined your invitation
Your well- laid out plans have been exposed....
And that is the END of this conversation!

Lisa Gerken

Praise be to our God and Savior Jesus Christ in ALL things!


  1. "I am no longer your victim but the daughter of a King
    To Him alone my heart praises and sings"

    I love that line. Do particular verses inspire ya or situations etc?
    Didn't know if ya saw my comment back to ya on my first translation blog but I hope you were encouraged. I think very highly of the NLT.

  2. Hey Justin! I don't get informed when people respond to what I write...I will have to go back and look. Anything I write I can usually relate to....whether its myself or someone I know. Most I have struggled with. This paritular poem was a spiritual warfare moment I had faced last year. I appreicate your comments.

  3. And that is the end of this conversation!!!