Sunday, May 17, 2009

He Thinks I Am Beautiful

My God thinks I am beautiful
A reflection of Who He is
He says I am His princess
His bride and a child of His

I have captured my Creators heart
My praise and worship He takes delight
He loves me more than anything
I am precious in His sight

He never hesitates to wait for me
The days I forget that He is there
How it breaks my Father's heart to know
I think He doesn't care

How He longs for me to see myself
The way He sees me everyday
To see what He has created
I take His breath away

Who am I that He would love me
In a bottle store each one of my tears
Who am I that He would have compassion
My prayers take the time to hear



  1. you are beautiful....inside and out!

  2. Thank you ;o) You are too kind.

  3. Lisa, you are a beautiful person in every way!

  4. This is a moving work, Lisa. You are very good at revealing yourself when you write. Authenticity is so refreshing.