Monday, September 20, 2010

The Possum Dream

I know with my last blog that I wrote "What's Your Purpose", everyone is just dying to know about my possum dream comment. I was never too sure about sharing this dream, lol. But, I find myself going back to it often....even MONTHS after having it. So, if you are wondering what in the world I am talking about, go back and read "What's Your Purpose?". Both dreams were back to back.

January 28th I journaled .....

.......My dream began on a farm....or something like that. There was a barn with a small waterhole next to it. There was this possum laying above the waterhole somehow and she was in the process of having babies and everytime she moved these babies would drop into this waterhole and begin to drown. The water was dirty and I was not able to see through it. I frantically searched for these babies reaching as far as I could into the water to grab them out. This sounds so bizaare I know.....but I cannot describe the "desire" I felt to save these guys. There were so many babies falling into the waterhole. I don't remember ever stopping the search for these babies but remember finally reaching one. And yes, gave it CPR.

Then my dream shifted. I don't know where I was....but I had this possum by my side at all times. I don't know if it was a pet or something, but I had a lot of love for her. She was soft and in my eyes so beautiful. (Ok if you are laughing I understand, but I really did care about her). She was so soft and I really enjoyed her company. Everyone around me gasped when they saw me with her. I kept telling them she was so sweet and they should just give her a chance....but they continued to make hurtful comments about how gross she was and that she was just a gross possum and nobody befriended a rodant.

The one thing that stuck out in my mind before giving this dream any thought was how much I loved that possum. I look at a real life possum (egh they are not that bad when you look at them) ....but in my dream she was beautiful and I just couldn't understand why nobody else saw what I saw. God? Is this what you feel towards me? People in the world see my faults and shortcommings and at times see my "ugliness". But You....You see such beauty and potential. People may snicker at what they see in me, but You....You wonder why they cannot see me thru Your eyes. I saw past the prickly nose and nasty teeth of a possum and You see thru my failures and weaknesses. Am I not supposed to see the other possums out in the world thru Your eyes as well? Past their "ugly features" and see what you have created them to be. Love them beyond all measure? I fall short terribly with this and human nature tends to get the best of me. I tend to judge the outter appearance instead of looking at the heart. Although who but You can know the heart or judge the heart of any man. So silly a dream like this would remind me of the depth of Your love. And like the water hole and the babies that were drowning....and the baby I saved.....Is that not the measure You would go thru to save me or anyone You love? Never giving up....No depth of water would be too much for You to rescue me and not once would you just let me drown. Once drowning in my sin, You breathed new life into my soul and now I live because You live in me. Thank You Lord for loving an ugly possum like myself.

God is good to me. I love Him and only share my heart because I want other's to see themselves and others thru God's eyes. He loves us so much and sees nothing but perfection and beauty.

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