Thursday, December 30, 2010

Earaches And Heartache...

My little man, Noah Keith, out of no where this evening came down with a painful ear ache. Tears streaming down his face he gripped his ear crying, "Mommy it hurts." His weeping just crushed my heart. This was a "boo boo" I knew my kiss would not fix. Even at the age of 7 he was not too old for me to scoop up into my arms and hold close. You moms out there with little boys or girls know exactly what I am talking about ;o) I just cannot explain the miserable feeling I had tonight watching him hurt. While driving home, my anxiety grew listening to him whimper in pain. All I could think about was getting him home and getting him some pain reliever. Each cry was so heavy on my heart and brought me to tears.

Through all of this tonight I couldn't help but reflect on the love God has for His people. The heaviness my heart felt for Noah tonight....over the pain he felt in his ear....I just cannot imagine the heaviness the Creator feels for His children who have "aching hearts". As much as I know God loves me, this humbles me greatly. Noah longed for me, his mom, to hold him and comfort him through his pain. How much more does our Abba Father long for us to run to Him when we hurt physically, emotionally, or spiritually. My heart is thankful tonight. I am humbled to know I am never alone and that my God hurts when I hurt and longs for me to take comfort in Him. He like me, is blessed to hold his child, even when it is the minor things in life, like an earache. Whenever you doubt the love of your God....think of how much you love your children and the depths you would go through to bring them comfort.
I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with God's presence, and no matter how much I KNOW something to be true, when God shows up and reveals Himself to me, it is always a NEW and refreshing feeling that I just cannot get enough of...and He always leaves me hungry for more.


  1. Oh my goodness when my kids are sick I wish I could take it from them. I would in a heart beat if I had that ability.

    What a cool analogy ....our kids come to us when they are sick, need comfort, etc. We need to remember as adults our heavenly father still wants us to do that.

  2. Amen, God is with us in the lowest valleys and the highest mountains. His grace is what carries us thru:)