Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Don't Have To Live In The Shadows

Recently, I read this from a book written by Neil T. Anderson. It's a quote that I go to in times of despair and brokenness. I did share with a few people, but often wonder if there are more out there who need to feel God close. The book is called "Breaking The Bondage" and I am sure everyone could use some bondage breaking.I hope this ministers to someone as much as it does me in my times of despair.

Page 17~

Dear God,

Where are you? How can you watch and not help me? I hurt so bad, and you don't care. If you cared you'd make it stop or let me die. I love You, but You seem so far away. I can't hear You, or see You, or feel You, but I am supposed to believe You're here. Lord I feel them. They are here. I know You are real, God, but they are more real to me right now. Please make someone believe me, Lord. Why won't You make it stop. Please Lord, please! If You love me, just let me die.

A Lost Sheep

Page 28~

My Dear Lost Sheep,

You ask Me where I am child. My child, I am with you, and I always will be. You are weak, but in Me you are strong. I love you so much that I cannot let you die! I am so close to you that I can feel everything you feel.

I know what you are going through, for I am going through it with you. But I have set you free and you must stand firm. You do not need to die physically for my enemies to be gone, but be crucified with Me and I will live in you and you shall live with Me. I will direct you in paths of righteousness. My child, I love you and I will never forsake you, for you are truly Mine.


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